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Retail Solutions

Intelligent Retail Cabinet Solution

Intelligent retail cabinets can achieve self pickup when opening the door, with RFID ultra-high frequency antennas used in each layer and an RFID electronic label attached to each product, enabling automatic real-time reading of the quantity and attributes of goods in the vending machine.

The specific shopping process is:

Step 1: Open the cabinet door. Users can download APP (or WeChat, Alipay applet) with their smart phones, and have the right to open the door lock of the sales cabinet by scanning the QR code after registration. After opening the door, users can directly take the goods in the smart sales cabinet.

Step 2: Free selection of goods. You can view detailed information about the product, such as production time, place of origin, etc.

Step 3: Close the door for payment. After the selection of goods is completed, close the cabinet door, and the intelligent retail cabinet will start the internal inventory program. RFID electronic tags inside the cabinet will be identified using RFID. After the inventory is completed, the user can know what product they have taken, and complete the settlement on the mobile app.

Compared to the current sales model:

1. It occupies a smaller space, such as a smart retail cabinet that can be directly placed in the office;

2. Save personnel expenses, such as in the retail industry where personnel salaries are a significant cost, while new retail can significantly reduce the number of staff;

3. The consumer experience is good, and new retail generally adopts an unmanned way to achieve a shopping model of taking it and leaving.

Advantages of the plan:


Online 24 hours a day, meeting users' new lifestyles and end user needs for casual consumption, improving user experience and purchasing efficiency, and providing real-time retail across all scenarios.


Application scenario: