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Medical Drug Solutions

Medical consumables cabinet plan

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to "deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and comprehensively establish a basic medical and health system with Chinese characteristics". From the perspective of hospitals in various provinces and cities, the top priority of medical reform is to implement it effectively. The modern hospital management system is a key indicator, and modern hospital management requires scientific, refined, and information-based hospital management.

At present, various hospitals have made corresponding improvements in the quantity and types of consumables input in order to improve treatment effectiveness. As a part of medical supplies, high-value materials, due to their high costs and special applications, bring significant economic losses to hospitals due to their wear and tear. The inherent characteristics of high value consumables have made them a key focus of hospitals in medical material management.

The application of high value consumables storage cabinets can greatly improve the management level of hospitals. High value consumables storage cabinets have the following functions:

1. Accurate permission authentication and consumables identification function: With the dual guarantee of permission authentication and barcode recognition, we aim to build an optimized consumables management environment that meets international standards for hospitals

2. Management of patients and their consumables under the jurisdiction of the authority holder: Only provide patient information and corresponding consumables usage information within the jurisdiction to the authority holder, ensuring the safety and accuracy of consumables usage

3. Realize the seamless connection between the high-value consumables management system and the hospital information system, and realize the real-time monitoring of the use and circulation of consumables: the consumables management system accurately prompts the location and quantity of consumables according to the doctor's prescription, and the operation process is simple and accurate

4. Provide consumables information and usage information: who, when, what consumables will be distributed, what consumables will be distributed, the inventory of consumables searched, etc. Users can track and manage various types of information they need.